Meet the Maker

I'm Jess, the maker, creator and all-rounder here at Messy Jess.
While I've always found enjoyment in the arts and design I've spent the better part of the last 15 years chained to my desk in the standard 9-till-5. 
When 2020 tanked and the first (of many!) Covid lockdowns struck I found a silver lining, in that it afforded me the chance to take my long-held earring addiction and need to reintroduce a little creativity into my life and smoosh them together. 
Creating with clay and resin quickly became an obsession and in an explosion of colour, inks, paints, glitter and inspiration, our spare bedroom was quickly converted into the Messy Jess studio
What I love about contemporary polymer clay and resin jewellery is that it's such an easy way to update your style and add a splash of colour and fun to any outfit.
Worn as understated details or a bold finish, earrings are a personal touch that showcases your personality and can elevates your look and your mood!
You will find an eclectic and unique mix of pieces here, as I love to use different colours and shapes and take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere in day-to-day life. Every piece I produce is made with care and love and my own two hands.
Life's messy and fun, chaotic and full of colour - and I wear it all on my ears!
I hope my creations bring you some colour and fun too and you love wearing these gems as much as I loved making them 🥰